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Step 1 Application Questionnaire
Please fill out the following questions about your ministry, so we can know you better. All questions need to be answered.

Ministry Name:

Ministry Location:

Nearest Major City:

Contact Name:

Telephone Number:

Email ID

1. What kind of ministry are you working in?

2. How long has your ministry been operating?

3. Is your ministry a registered organization with the government?

4. How many centers or campuses does your ministry presently operate or maintain?

5. Are there other parties involved in your ministry? (Check all that apply)

6. How many full-time staff or workers are employed or supervised under your ministry?

7. What was the ministry's total outflow of funds last year?

8. How will the ministry use eMi² design / advice?

9. What is the development project?

10. Please briefly describe the project you are planning:

11. Why is the development project needed?

12. What best describes the property you plan to develop?

13. What is the size of your property?

14. Who are the main beneficiaries of your ministry? (Check two that best apply)

15. How did you find out about EMI?