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Client Services:


  • » What kinds of services do you provide?
    eMi² mobilizes teams of volunteers to provide non-profit design services in architecture & engineering for development projects. eMi² can offer: General recommendations & advice; Technical assessments and/or survey of your site or existing developments; Conceptual Design for project planning & fundraising purposes; Detailed Design for construction of Conceptual Design projects; Construction support for Detailed Design projects. The most common client service is Conceptual Design.
  • » Does eMi² fund projects?
    No. EMI / eMi² does not provide any level of funding for any client ministry's development project. eMi² partners with your ministry by providing non-profit design services in the areas of architecture & engineering for approved development projects, providing you with tools to construct or fundraise for your project. In fact, each client ministry must help support the costs involved in providing these services.
  • Does eMi² help raise funds for projects?
    No. EMI / eMi² does not raise funds for any client ministry's development project. EMI as an international organization partners with your ministry to help build awareness about your development project by approving & servicing your particular project with a volunteer project team. The tools produced by this team can of course be used by you for raising funds within your own network. In fact, each client ministry is asked to re-invest a small amount of funds raised for their project back into the ministry of eMi².
  • » Can eMi² service my project without a team or visiting my site?
    Not prior to Concept Design. Mobilizing professionals to serve ministries is the first half of our mission. The projects we take up need to match our ministry mission. In our opinion, visiting the project site is mandatory for developing an effective design. eMi² also does not provide 'off the shelf' design plans. We offer professional consultations which are specific to your site, your project, your ministry vision. In the planning stages of a Project Trip, certain preliminary questions can be handled remotely.
  • » How soon can a project team come to my site?
    Put your project on the fast track by providing a full & thorough application as soon as possible, as outlined under Step 1. No action on your project is taken from verbal or email introductory requests, or from incomplete applications. Volunteers are motivated to serve by the project opportunities we share with them, as such, it is not possible to mobilize volunteers without your completed application. Due to our Concept Design service queue, if your completed application is approved, it will take at least 8-10 months to: Assemble a team of volunteer design professionals, conduct a Project Trip at your site, and publish the Concept Design. Client ministries who are not prepared / able to wait for the non-profit design service are encouraged to engage for-profit assistance.
  • » What do project documents look like?
    Concept Design:

    Click on the image for a larger view

    Detailed Design:

    Click on the image for a larger view

    Also, you can see several types of full project document examples. Documents will be designed specifically for your project according to your criteria & requirements and as developed by the project team.
  • » Can a Concept Design team also do Detailed Design during the same visit?
    No. Concentrating on the development of a Concept Design is an important first step for planning your project. To get the best, most cost-effective result during construction, it is critical to take the time to develop & circulate a Concept Design of the proposed project. Additionally, we generally do not double-task our volunteer design professionals, who have a limited capacity to assist your ministry before returning to their own work places.
  • » Will an eMi² team design all buildings planned for the site during a Project Trip?
    Not typically. Especially in the case of 'open-field' projects, Concept Design is meant to present your vision for the property as well as bring focus for how you plan to start. As such, though the consultation will review & outline the big picture, the focus is on the first phase or stage of the project. Sometimes multiple buildings can be designed as part phase 1, but we may ask your ministry to demonstrate that this is financially viable with funds in hand at the time of the Project Trip.
  • » When is the right time for me to apply?
    Don't wait for the project to be fully funded before applying for design assistance. Rather, apply for the non-profit design service while you are still gathering support & building awareness about your project. The Concept Design is meant (among other things) as a tool for doing just that. Many clients cannot afford to spend the time required to thoughtfully plan their developments because they are under pressure to construct something to meet financial gift deadlines or requirements. In cases like this the best result is usually for the contractor... Having an eMi² Concept Design plan or a Detailed Design plan in place as the project reaches full funding will give your ministry the best result.
  • » What do you require from us?
    The completed application allows us to begin considering your project in our schedule queue. The application describes more fully the terms and conditions of receiving eMi² design service. You can read more about these terms and conditions here.
  • » How do I apply?
    Take Step 1 by sending a full & complete application, signifying your assent to the terms & conditions of service. You can read more about these terms and conditions. Send the signed & completed application with all requested attachments by addressed to: The Associate Director, Operations & Design. Emailing your application directly to an eMi² staff member will only delay the processing of your application.


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