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Step 1 - Application
eMi² mobilizes volunteer teams to provide design & planning services for approved development projects through a consultation process. Understanding your ministry and project is Step 1 of that process. Following are the key parts & conditions of Step 1:

  • » The cost of waiting
    Client ministries must be ready to wait for assistance. Non-profit design services are not available immediately. As our vision is to mobilize teams of volunteers, projects need to be planned 6-8 months in advance. If you are in a rush to start now, we can't help you. We believe and have seen over & again that forming a partnership for the design is worth waiting for.
  • » Hospitality and reimbursement
    Client ministries must be able to host an eMi² volunteer team and provide basic food, lodging & transportation for the team during a 5-7 day visit to your project site or area. Also, the ministry must provide a minimum reimbursement to offset the costs involved with servicing your project. This amount is accessed on a per project, non-profit basis.
  • » Investing in South Asia
    Client ministries must be willing to invest in eMi²'s ministry. Since 1998, we continue to offer non-profit design services. We ask you to invest in our ministry 1% of the first-phase cost of your development project. Your investment enables other ministries like yours to avail of a non-profit design service from eMi².

    At giving page, select 'Offices'
    then 'South Asia - India - eMi² Invest'

  • » Technical Assistance Application
    The application & supporting information we request helps us understand basic information about our clients, their ministries and the project they are proposing. eMi² takes no action to schedule or coordinate a volunteer team for your project until we have a completed project application which is reviewed internally & formally approved.

    The signed & completed application with all requested attachments can be sent by addressed to:
    The Associate Director, Operations & Design.

Contact us today about your project and start your application: