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Some projects may require Detailed Design or planning. Once the project has a Concept Design & sufficient funds for construction, your ministry can request additional assistance. Step 3 is Detailed Design of the first phase of your development project, which can take 2-4 months. Following are the key parts of Step 3:

  • » Request Detailed Design
    Your ministry needs to indicate that the Concept Design has been understood & thoughtfully reviewed. The specific needs for further assistance must be outlined. For doing so, the following components are required:

    A. Resolution letter from the ministry board or governing body expressing:
      1. That the project Concept Design documents have been reviewed by the ministry.
      2. That there is agreement within the board or governing body as to the purpose, design & function of the project.
      3. The specific reasons why it is believed further assistance from eMi² is needed, and what specific design assistance is required for the project.
      4. An outline of the current development project funding level both funds in hand & promised.
      5. Whether the ministry will be able to re-invest in eMi²s ministry as outlined here.

    B. If applicable, include the Concept Design documents which contain the comments, revisions or questions to be considered in the further development of the design.

    C. Include an example construction plan common to your area. If possible, these example plans should be from the contractor / builder who will construct your project.
  • » Pre-Design Meeting
    If eMi² can entertain the Detailed Design request, often we need to schedule a pre-design meeting with you. This meeting is critically important to: refine the project design, discuss the type & nature of the additional plans required, discuss scope & schedule, and remove obstacles for construction. Usually, Detailed Design will be overseen by the eMi² Project Leader or staff member who participated on the Concept Design. If extensive changes to the Concept Design are needed, they may need to revised first for review & approval before proceeding.
  • » Detailed Design Documents
    With an agreement on scope & schedule, we will proceed with Detailed Design documents from our office. Detailed Designs are meant to be used directly by your project contractor / builder for construction of the project. They usually include foundation and structure plans & details, architectural detailed plans with door & window information, instructions for the water & wastewater services, etc. An example of a Detailed Design plan:

    Click on the image for a larger view

    See a full example of a Detailed Design.
  • » Construction Support
    eMi² does not provide full-time construction support to any project. We strongly advise that a site engineer / manager / client representative who can speak both the local & laborer's language be engaged who can assist the day to day management of the project. However, in addition to remote support from our office, eMi² can support the project with site visits. These 1-3 day visits are by eMi² office members involved with your project, and may need to be combined with other project travel scheduled in your area. The basic hospitality & reimbursement agreement applies for this support. Following are several key occasions for a site visit:

    A. Pre-construction meeting to discuss & review the Detailed Design plans with the key persons involved in project execution, i.e. the contractor / builder, your site engineer / manager / representative, etc.

    B. Pre-construction layout of the building(s) on your site. This is to ensure the correct positioning of the building on the site master plan especially important if many buildings are planned.

    C. Mid-construction review of progress at a key stage(s) to answer questions, review & address problems, etc. For instance, this could be before concrete is placed for the first floor of a building, or as the interior finishing work begins for the building.

    D. Post-construction review to identify missing items, develop a completion checklist, answer questions, review & address problems, etc.


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