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Project+ Internships
Project+ is a one-month (+/-) internship which is an extension to project trips. Project + opportunities are available for every project; however, for our international based interns this opportunity is usually only available in May/June. Project + internship includes a project trip to the site for approximately 1 week and approximately 2-3 weeks in the eMi² office in Delhi. Although it is much shorter than our full term internships, our Project + interns get a taste of life at eMi² by seeing India on a project trip and have a taste of life in the Mega-City. It may allow for a weekend adventure to the Taj Mahal, Rajasthan, or the foothills of the Himalayas. This experience may have you coming back for more later!

The total cost for Project+ internships depend on the particular project trip and length of time in the office, please review the approximate cost and deadline for application at http://emiworld.org/internjobs.php for the T2 (Summer term).