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Projects Portfolio: eMi² Partnership Timeline

Preliminary Site Survey & Master Plan

eMi² is contacted by the Moravian institute in the fall of 1998 to help develop an expansion of the school. eMi² makes its first project trip in February of 1999 with an eleven member team. The team completes a site survey during that time of existing property boundaries, existing buildings, and general topography. A master plan for the student dormitories is completed as well as a civil engineering conceptual plan.

Student Dormitory

After 4 years, the Moravian Institute contacts eMi² for re-evaluation of the master plan and building designs created in 1999. eMi² produces drawings for a re-design of the student dormitory and a detailed survey of a portion of the campus.

2003 - 2005
Site Visits & Master Planning

eMi² visits Moravian at various times to develop a long-term master plan, a long-term civil engineering plan, and detailed architectural & structural plans for the student dormitory.

eMi² produces a revised master plan for the entire 40 acre site, individual building designs for student dorms and staff housing, and a long-term civil engineering plan.

June & October
Site Survey

Over the course of two survey trips, eMi² completes a comprehensive detailed survey of the hilly site to better support the campus master plan. Both the developed and undeveloped regions are mapped.

April - July
Vocational Training Program

eMi² creates a plan to renovate an existing storage shed into a vocational training center for high school students studying technology. The training center includes a workshop, computer lab, classroom, technical library, and reception area that serves 20 to 25 students.

April - August
Institute Degree Program

It is determined that the current site is unfeasible for the Degree Program due to the newly imposed local development authority requirements limiting the proposed building area and site setbacks/easements.

February - March
Church Renovations

eMi² participates in the completion of the Moravian church facility, redesigning the central skylights and doors for the sanctuary.

2006 - 2007

Loss of Land

Moravian Institute loses 40% of their campus property to civil service improvements, land acquisition for a Indian Civil Service recreation center which includes construction of an access road through the campus resulting in demolition of existing buildings and proposed building locations. Compensation by the government allows development of three Single Staff Quarters buildings on campus, which were previously designed by eMi². The earthwork levels for the Girls Dormitory project are laid out and construction begins in the beginning of 2008.

March - November
Master Plan for Church Campus

eMi² produces a series of master planning and landscape plans for the Moravian church campus. The planning process requires a site survey, and planning meetings which continue for several months. The Reverend of the Moravian Church (also the Institute's Principal) officiates the wedding of the eMi² Director.

2008 - Current
March - Current
Student Dormitories & Staff Apartments

This project is currently open and includes the oversight of the construction of the student dormitory and staff apartment units. Work has included site visits and revisions to structural drawings, modifying building finishes and other revisions necessary during the construction process to help guide the contractor. eMi² involvement shifts from the Girls Dormitory design revisions to construction consultation and input through regular site visits with additional structural design recommendations and specific exterior and interior finish recommendations above and beyond the typical EMI service provided.

June - July
Water System Improvements

An eMi volunteer team creates a "Revised Civil Engineering Improvements" document. The revisions include a long-term conceptual plan, as well as revising and improving the site's water, wastewater, and storm water systems. Much of the revisions are required in response to the site reduction from the earlier land acquisition by the government.

August 2010 - Present

Dormitory Construction Halted, then Restarted

Finishing touches on the Girls Dormitory and other fixtures, etc. remain. The project was on track for completion by December 2010 and occupation for the 2011 school term, however it was sealed by the municipal authority in August due to complications in permits required for construction & transfers of key officials familiar with the project. The Institute is actively seeking approval to finish the project.

October 2011
In late-2011, almost a year after the building was sealed, the Moravian Institute received permission to continue construction on the Dormitory and work is going on around the clock to make the building ready for the dedication scheduled for 29-October. It's been a long & hard road since 1999, but thanks be to God, a new Dormitory for the girl students of the Institute is finally nearly ready. We're excited be at the dedication of the building to celebrate the perseverance of those at the Institute who have labored in faith over the years.

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