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This community development education aid was created for a client working in the Garhwal, Uttaranchal ( North India ) region who is trying to introduce some basic holistic health and sanitary improvements to the people they are working with in the remote village setting.

The double-sided drawing focuses on a selection of target areas for improvement in the typical Garhwal village home setting and lifestyle. The target areas were decided on by visits to the target villages, and in consultation with the client. Many of the target areas on the education poster are directly related to water and basic sanitation related to its use. The improvements shown are selected based on their values in: simplicity, feasibility in the village setting, longevity, and effectiveness.

The drawing was intended for A3 size or larger to be a teaching aid in small groups. The graphic nature of the work is intended to generate interest in the drawing and make it easier to remember the recommended improvements. The bucket filter proposed on the plan was constructed and tested in the field with fair results for improving the water quality. It is currently under revision to improve its filtering effectiveness and simplicity.


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