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This conceptual design project was produced for a tree covered, fully developed hospital site in Manali, Himachal Pradesh ( North India ). The site had little land area available for additional development and required a critical phasing scheme to keep the hospital operational while new facilities are built.

The main challenge was to take an Out-Patient Department program that proposed expansion of the current services, fit it in a narrow and linear space, maintain or improve the site circulation patterns, prevent disruption to other hospital services, and minimize the impact on the existing landscaping. The design result is a low-slung building that consolidates previously separated hospital services into a cleanly organized space that accommodates complicated patient flow and eases the strain on doctors and nurses. The Men's Ward was designed to expand the in-patient capacity of the hospital in two phases that are timed carefully with the demolition of the existing building (c.1937) to prevent disruption to in-patient services during construction.

The plan coordinating demolition and construction on the constricted site proposes the partial demolition of the existing Administration Building and Lab, construction of a new Out-Patient Department, demolition of the existing Out-Patient Building, demolition of the existing Dental Clinic and ICU building, construction of half of the new Men's Ward, demolition of the existing Men's Ward and Physiotherapy building, and construction of the second half of the new Men's Ward.

Although the site is cramped with many buildings, the two new buildings proposed are designed and phased to minimize the interruption of the hospital's critical services while expanding and dramatically improving both the environment of the site and the facilities needed to serve the poor in and around Manali.


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