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Masonry Construction Plan

Stonemud Construction Plan

This public service education aid was created on behalf of a client working in the city of Poonch , Jammu & Kashmir ( North India ) region who was involved in disaster relief efforts for those affected by the major earthquake which occurred near Muzaffarabad in October 2005. The intent of the work was to introduce some basic earthquake resistance improvements to the construction techniques common in the area.

The A3-size drawings focus on a selection of target areas for improvement in a typical masonry construction situation and in a rural, earthen construction situation. The target areas were decided on by damage assessments performed during a visit to the Poonch area shortly after the earthquake. Many of the target improvements shown on the drawings are aimed directly at strengthening the walls of homes, which tended to be the major under-strengthened element in constructions of the area. The improvements shown are selected based on their values in: simplicity, cost, and effectiveness for life safety improvement for earthquake risks.

Copies of the drawings were handed out in Poonch to those who were living in tents due to the earthquake or who were reconstructing their damaged structures. Additionally, they were posted at various Photostat shops in the town so people could buy their own. The original work was in Urdu, but drawings including an English translation are provided for download here. The wording of the text on the drawing was carefully chosen for public domain in the area. As such it is decidedly unscientific, though it emphasizes the importance and simplicity of the suggested improvements, as well as the need for change in standard construction techniques.


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