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Project Profile: 8189
Patna, India

Patna - Capital of Bihar

Transformation India Movement
Ministry Center
eMi² Project 8189 (linked with eMi² Project 8188)

February 11-21, 2011
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Greg Young
phone: (403) 202-3642 - Canada

- Project Sponsor If you can't come, maybe you can help us operate this project on a non-profit basis with a one-time donation to Project 8189. Thanks for investing in our ministry!

Project Scope
Transformation India Movement (TIM) was founded in 2002 with a vision to bring social, spiritual and economical transformation to India, particularly the state of Bihar, through holistic ministry. For the last eight years TIM has brought change to many individuals and communities through their different programs: medical, education, leadership training, vocational training, children's home etc.

Currently, the ministry activities of TIM are operating in 4 or 5 different rented buildings which make coordination difficult and have restricted the growth of the ministry. To improve the current situation, TIM has purchased a small property in Patna, the state capital, and is planning to establish 'TIM Centre' in order to consolidate the different activities in one place and provide room for future growth.

TIM has invited eMi² to assist them to develop the conceptual design for TIM Centre with facilities including: training centre, children's home and vocational training centre. TIM is making a strategic step towards establishing their future ministry centre and your help will be crucial to the development of ECFC.

This project will be done in coordination with eMi² project 8188 Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Centre, also located in Patna. Our design team will serve both ministries simultaneously. Please see the separate project description for details about that project. If you join this team, you can also visit our eMi² office in Mussoorie at the end of the trip to experience the foothills of the Himalayas. We look forward to serve with you next spring!

Project Team
Greg Young - eMiC Team Leader
Ivy Coffey - eMi² Staff Architect
- Volunteer Architect
- Volunteer Civil Engineer
- Volunteer Structural Engineer
- eMi² Architecture Intern
- eMi² Engineering Intern

Approx. Rs. 6,000 8,000 (from within South Asia)
Approx. US $1,200 1,400 (from Europe / Asia)
Approx. US $2,200 2,400 (from North America)
More information on project costs

Other Project Information
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