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Lady Willingdon Hospital – Wastewater Infrastructure Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Site Wastewater Assessment & Design

July 16-23, 2017


Team Needs

Plumbing Designer – Assessment and re-routing of hospital wastewater plumbing at an existing 80 bed hospital on a crowded 2 acre campus.

Environmental Engineer – Working with local provider of effluent treatment system to optimize / locate the design of the 20,000 litre / day treatment system. 

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Project Scope

The Lady Willingdon Hospital (LWH) was established in 1935 and serves the local population of Manali, a resort town in Himachal Pradesh, and numerous surrounding villages via remote medical clinics and camps. Although the demographic in Manali is changing with the growing Indian middle-class, the leadership and staff at the hospital maintain a commitment to serve the medical needs of the poor and underprivileged, while simultaneously not refusing care to anyone in need, in the town and surrounding villages in the Kullu Valley. LWH is the only viable medical care facility of its kind in a 300 mile radius. The vision of the hospital is to bring about a model of total healthcare relevant to the majority of the population in its catchment area.

EMI India has been providing LWH with design support in various formats since 2006. The 80-bed hospital currently uses approximately 20,000 LPD of water, and has recently been notified by the Manali pollution control board that its wastewater must now be treated before entering the municipal sewers. EMI India is providing design assistance during the process as they select a vendor for a treatment system and undertake the work of separating the medical waste with new sewage lines.

The plumbing / environmental engineering volunteers will join 3 staff / interns from the EMI India office for a week-long trip to the beautiful hill station of Manali. Travel will be via an overnight bus from New Delhi. Hospital maintenance staff and representatives from the selected effluent treatment plant vendor will be on site during the week for the EMI team to collaborate with. Will you join us in designing a world of hope?


$US 1,000 excluding flights (From Abroad)
INR 3,000 plus direct costs (From India)
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