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Long-Term Volunteers
Two Long-Term Volunteer positions are available each year in Architecture & Civil Engineering. This 12-18 month commitment is designed for those who have done at least one project trip or an internship with EMI before, preferably in India, and who have at least 3-5 years of experience. Each year there are two LTV tracks: the first starting in mid-January and the second starting in mid-August.

An 'LTV' helps to support client ministries in South Asia whose development projects are underway – projects like the ones you worked on as a Project Volunteer or Intern. Based out of our office in Delhi, LTVs have various responsibilities in design support, intern work management, site progress visits, field work & client consultations in addition to participation with / coordination of project teams.

At eMi², LTVs also have the unique opportunity for multi-office EMI assignments. Developed mutually between eMi² & a single partner EMI office, your LTV assignment gives you an unparalleled perspective of the international ministry of EMI. For example, a 15-month assignment could place you for 6-months at eMi² in India, followed by 3-months at EMI-UK in England, concluding with another 6-months at eMi².

If an LTV opportunity interests you, your

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